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Release Date: 28 June 2024


1. This pack is filled with popular characters such as Bonney of the Supernovas and Hancock of the Kuja Pirates! Other themes will be included too!

2. Six new Leader cards appear, including the red Leader Monkey.D.Dragon of the Revolutionary Army! These Leaders are set to shake up the playing field with unexpected strategies!

3. OP-07 is an excellent companion to previous products, including the recently released Extra Booster Pack! The inclusion of several new themes also makes this pack perfect for newcomers looking to catch up to the experts in no time!

Dive into the thrilling universe of One Piece Card Game with the exclusive Booster Box Display OP07! This box, containing 24 units, provides you with the opportunity to discover and collect fascinating cards in English, directly from the exciting world of One Piece.

OP07 showcases an impressive variety of 140 types of cards strategically distributed to enhance your gaming and collection experience:

- Leader: 8 cards

- Commons: 52 cards

- Uncommons: 36 cards

- Rares: 30 cards

- Super Rares: 12 cards

- Secret Rares: 2 cards

Buy yours now and get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting experience of One Piece Card Game with OP07!


x1 Booster Pack = x12 cards
x1 Booster Display = x24 packs

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