Flesh and Blood Everfest 1st Edition Booster Case - PRE-ORDER

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    Flesh and Blood Everfest 1st Edition Booster Case - PRE-ORDER

    Flesh and Blood TCG: Everfest 1st Edition Booster box. Each factory sealed Flesh and Blood TCG booster case contains 4 boxes of 24 packs each. The set is slated to contain support for every hero in the game and the entire 1st Edition print run for Everfest will come in fully recyclable paper booster wrappers! This is a world first for a full production trading card game and is actually amazing!

    Product Configuration:

    • 198 card set
    • 10 cards per pack
    • 24 packs per display
    • 4 displays per case

    Set Composition:

    • 1 Fabled 
    • 3 Legendary
    • 45 Majestic
    • 61 Rares
    • 88 Commons

    Rarity Distribution:

    • Premium Foil - 1 per pack (Rainbow Foil or Cold Foil)
    • Rare or Higher - 2 per pack (Rare/Majestic/Legendary)
    • Common - 7 per pack

    Step right up, step right up! The greatest show in Rathe is coming to a town near you! Everfest is a supplementary booster set, designed to expand constructed play with new cards for every hero in the game.

    Within the bustling grounds of the Everfest carnival, all fashion of performers, peddlers, and frolicking fun is to be found. Will you find fun, fame, or good fortune in the carnival slot of your Everfest booster pack, or perhaps take center stage and become the star of the show?

    Preview season for this set begins on 24 January 2022!

    About the Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game
    Flesh and Blood, affectionately referred to as FAB, is a hero-centric fantasy TCG, designed for constructed, booster draft, and sealed deck tournament play.

    Your role is a hero! The class of the hero you choose dictates the cards you can include in your deck , with many classic fantasy themes to choose from. Each hero has a unique play style that captures the essence of their class and personality. 

    Set in the land of Rathe, the world of Flesh and Blood is populated with complex characters and compelling stories. We are about to embark on an epic new journey, where heroes are forged, and legends are born.

    Proudly designed in New Zealand.

    Package artwork & contents are randomly assorted

    This is a pre-order product and will be shipped on release date, 4 February 2021 or you can pick up in store.

    Limited to 1 case per household

      - $580.00

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